Education and Social Infrastructures Construction Project

Project Duration: January -December 2013

Donor: UNHCR

Area: All 5 refugee camps and Nkamira transit center in Gisagara, Gatsibo, Nyamagame, and Karongi districts.

Project Goal: Provision of physical infrastructures to refugees and hosting community that will enable them the fulfillment of social cohesion and integration through children education and common space sharing.

Project Summary: The project was aimed at having a good learning infrastructure to accommodate and allow increasing enrollment of the growing population of the school-age refugees children. Construction of schools in durable materials, as well other social infrastructures like, one stop centers and police offices for child protection and psychosocial support which positively would change the life of beneficiaries at the services could be given in sale and sustainable conditions.

Major Achievements:

  1. Construction of 49 classrooms, 72 latrines and one stop center at Mugombwa Refugee camp
  2. Creation of a child friendly space, construction of 4 kitchens and a police station office
  3. Construction of 26 classrooms and 46 latrines in Nyabiheke refugee camp
  4. Construction of 6 classroom in Kiziba refugee camp
  5. Rehabilitation of hangars in the Transit camp