Economic Empowerment

Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

ADRA Rwanda has been working for more than 40 years to ensure the economic empowerment of families and communities in the country. Our model aims to give communites help by training them to start projects by their own and be able to generate income. People know how to keep their savings, orient people, help each other to move forward and be part of the development of their communities. 

Also with the most vulnerable like People Living with HIV (PLH) and Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC), members are mobilized and sensitized to receive vocational training skills to form economic slef-help groups and cooperatives through which they can generate income to supplement their household incomes.

It is further noticed that the culture of saving and lending is taking root through the formed self-help groups and cooperatives and there are testimonies of people who have imporved their productivity, bough animals, land, started small businesses form own saving and loans from the groups.


Completed projects under Economic Empowerment sector