Youth for Unity Project

Project Duration: 1st April to 31st December 2013

Donor: DANIDA through ADRA DK

Area: Kamonyi and Muhanga districts, Southern Province

Target Beneficiaries: 935 youth, 437 females and 498 males

Project Goal: Youth in Rwanda are active players in the economic development of their local communities and are dynamic participants in the ongoing reconciliation processes.

Project Summary: Youth for Unity Project worked with three youth groups in selected sectors with total project was focusing its activities on the positive change of individuals through community development initiatives especially youths targeting economic empowerment. It promoted self-help associations and cooperatives, group dynamics, management, resource mobilization, bank savings and credit and entrepreneurship. In this regard, it played the role of linkage between the youth groups and local microfinance institutions (SACCO Umurenge). The project was targeting not only youth economic empowerment but also the ongoing unity and reconciliation process within groups and in their local communities as well.