ProFuturo : Digital Education Implementation, Follow up and Evaluation

ProFuturo is a Connected Learning Project implemented by ADRA Rwanda with financial support from ProFuturo in partnership with UNHCR.

The project has started to operate in MAHAMA refugees camp primary schools and host communities since May 2021 and the main activity of the project is to assist teachers and learners of upper primary level (P4 through P6) to teach and learn using given digital devices (servers, tablets, routers, projectors,…) and other facilities

Against this background, we have trained more than 120 about the innovative skills, educational transformation and digital education and assisted them in class when they were teaching using the mentioned devices and related platforms.

For the sake of empowering the schools officials with skills to implement, follow up and evaluate the digital teaching and learning process, ADRA Rwanda through ProFuturo project, with presence of some officials from UNHCR, has conducted a five days (From 27th – 31st December 2021) training on “Digital Education implementation, follow up and evaluation” for Head Teachers, Deans of studies (DoS), Data Managers, Sector Education Inspector (SEI) and UBB education coordinators and facilitators.

The Trainee in conference Room

Bizimana Mourice (ProFuturo Coach) giving out the presentation about Digital Education
Muvunyi Reuben
Muvunyi Reuben (UBB Manager) Addressing the trainee
Bigirimana Samwel (UNHCR Presenter)
Migisha Fabrice (Profuturo Coach) explaining how to connect the tools in order to use ProFuturo Platform in learning
All Participants of Training after the Training