PROMISE: Florence’s Story

Florence UWIZEYIMANA (26) is one of the project beneficiaries living in Rwakabanda village in Ryamanyoni Cell – Murundi Sector. Florence is married to Pascal Ntabareshya (33) and together they have 2 children who are both girls since 2012. Dativa the first born is 6 years while Safina the younger one is 37 months old. In appreciation of how the ADRA PROMISE project has impacted her, she had the following to say:

“By the time I joined the ADRA PROMISE project, we did not own a goat and actually we could not afford one. In addition to the knowledge I have learnt from our Care Group in relation to the health of children, nutrition, family planning, hygiene and sanitation among other to improve our well-being, the project gave my family a goat on the 7th of September in 2017. This goat was given as a means to combat malnutrition especially among children U5 and pregnant and lactating mothers.

I would estimate that by the time I received my goat it had a value of 16,000Rwf but today its value can be about 25,000Rwf which means that it has gained value. I am very delighted that my goat has now delivered 2 male goats which are doing very well. The kids are one month and as per the agreement with the project, I will have to give away the kids to my two group members once they turn kids are 4 months so the goat can fully be mine

I am excited that from this goat I will be able to transform my family’s well-being. First and foremost, I am already getting manure which has now increased with the birth of 2 kids. With the manure, I am going to increase my vegetable and other agricultural produce to almost double of what I used to get. The increase in the yield of vegetable means better health for my children and family at large. Additionally, as the goat continue to produce, it means I will have more goats some of which I will be able to sell and get money to do other things such as paying for health insurance.

Prepared by: Dismas Ndagijimana, Nutritionist

Edited by: Martin Rutazigwa, M&E officer